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 Section Conclave allows us the opportunity to hold our Section Officer Elections. Want to run? Find the application here.


2018 Conclave Vice Chiefs

These brave souls took on the responsibility of making conclave a reality. They have put in hard work for you to have a unforgetable experince.

Conclave vice chiefs are non-voting members of the COC. Each conclave vice chief, or CVC, is the head of a committee responsible for planning a portion of the annual section conclave.

Conclave Vice Chief TitleLodgeVice Chief Name
TrainingTakachsinNathan D.
ActivitiesJaccos TowneJordan W.
ShowsSakimaBrandon S.
American Indian Activities
Nischa ChuppecatCole L.
Host LodgeKiskakonRylee P.
SupportKiondagaBen P.

Conclave Program

The program for 2018 Section Conclave


Keeping with the theme of our conclave, Law and Order of the Arrow, the training sessions coordinated by Takachsin Lodge will be:
-Police Academy: A new approach to brotherhood training and conversion. Open to all youth and adults.
-Academy Recruit: How to represent the Order in your troop. Open to all youth and adults.
-Investigative Principles: A fun class that will focus on problem-solving skills. Open to all youth and adults.
-Connecting the Pieces: A fun class on how to bead. Open to all youth and adults.
-Exceptional Merit Training: A comprehensive view on JTE scores and how to increase your lodge scores. Open to all youth and adults.
-Vigil Honor Session: One, three-hour long session to discuss all things around the Vigil Honor. Open to Vigil Honor members only, youth and adult.

American Indian Activities

Nischa Chuppecat Lodge is organizing an exciting menu of AIA activities for all attendees. Some of these items will be:
-Learning the culture and language of a member of a near Native American
-Wigwam building
-Native American astronomy
-Language treasure hunt
-Ceremony competitions will be conducted for the Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood ceremonies.


Jaccos Towne Lodge will coordinate several fun activities for Saturday afternoon. Come out and enjoy:
-Shooting ranges
-Annual lodge ball competition
-The famous Camp Chief Little Turtle Flying Squirrel

Patch Auction

Did you know anyone can participate in the Section Patch Auction? Did you know you can make a few dollars from the auction while you help the Section and clean out your old Scout items, camping items, etc? Learn more how you can participate as a seller or a bidder at the Section C-6A Patch Auction by downloading the materials here. For those who are selling items, you may wish to use this item pre-registration Excel spreadsheet for easy use of sending your item list to the committee. There will be a silent auction, a live auction, and many items will be youth bidders only!